Study Tour

Join us on a BIRUDO study tour, a rare opportunity to witness BIRUDO’s approach to grassroots change up close.

Offered in partnership with you, each philanthropic adventure to Buliisa and our local community is led by BIRUDO Executive Director Paolyel MP Onencan and goes beyond the bounds of traditional BIRUDO activities. The study tour demonstrates how we’re striving to overcome poverty and injustice in our local communities, and can also include a visit to Murchison Falls National Park, which is located within our local community. The experience is enriched through intimate conversations with leading activists, journalists, academics and elected officials, who bring the history, culture and politics of our region alive. Together we will explore how our dollars can reverse poverty and injustice and empower people to build a more just society.

For more information about Study Tours, or to reserve your space today, please contact us.