Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organization (BIRUDO) was founded in 2006 by a group of Ugandan youths after realizing a gap in capacity building in order to fight poverty among the local rural and urban communities. BIRUDO registered under registration number 11502 and S.5914/11655 as a Local Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) with The National Board for Non-Governmental Organisations Ministry of Internal Affair, Republic of Uganda. BIRUDO operates in Albertine region of Uganda, with its headquarters in Buliisa Town Council on Paraa Road, opposite Stanbic Bank Buliisa Branch.


A self sustaining and empowered vibrant community living free from poverty, ignorance and diseases.


To improve the quality of life of the local communities through information sharing, sensitization, advocacy and networking for sustainable development.


Strategic Objective1: Improve food, income security and resilience of the local community

Strategic Objective 2: Improve the quality of health and sanitation status of communities and household

Strategic Objective 3: Strengthen good governance and management in natural resources sector and in the extractive industry

Strategic Objective 4: Enhance the performance and organization capacity of BIRUDO.