Community Awareness Meeting on Local Government livelihood Programs

20160927_163111Local community in Kakoora Village in Buliisa Sub county in Buliisa District attending a awareness meeting organised by BIRUDO with support from USAID and UKaid GAPP Program. The meeting was organised with the purpose to ensure that local community benefit from local government livelihood programs and promote good governance and accountability. Sub County community development officer Ms. Mulinzi Joseline was used to sensitize the local community.  During the awareness Ms. Mulinzi presented how local community can benefit from youth livelihood program, PRDP, women empowerment program, operation wealth creation, UWA revenue sharing, social action grant for older person and NUSAF III.

However, the local community of Kakoora Village complained that in most cases they are left out and their local council I chairperson is alway not involve in these programs. Ms. Mulinzi promised to help community members in forming groups and filling forms so that they benefit from these program.


img_0083Today BIRUDO has started raising awareness on public finance management Act 2015 mostly on royalties sharing and ways to manage local communities and their leader’s expectations in the next phase of the oil and gas production at village levels. This activity is supported by Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). Local communities in Muvlue Village in Ngwedo Sub County Buliisa District attending the awareness meeting.

img_0092During the meeting a women raised a complaint on how road construction is destroying their crops without compensation. She said, she always earned income out of these destroyed crops from tourists who pass by to Murchison Falls National Park. BIRUDO staff after the meeting visited her field.

Land and Compensation Dispute Podinga Village Buliisa Sub county

IMG_0053On 27th January, 2016 Mr. Bonefence Bikobo report a case to BIRUDO office for mediation on land and compensation which Tullow Oil Company is to pay him on access road. But the son Mr. Robert Wathaum claim that the land where access road is belong to him, it was given to him by his grand father. on 20th Feburary, 2016 Mr. Robert Wathaum was poison and death on the same day. He left two widows and three children who are trying to followup the case. BIRUDO try the engage Mr. Bonefence Bikobo to resolve the case on one to one but failed.

On 15th April, 2016 BIRUDO organised a mediation meeting in their Village which was attended by Tullow Oil Company SP-Coordinator Ms. Keren Atugonza and Inspector of Police incharge of CFPU Buliisa District Ms. Kalsium M. Bioga and the Village community. The Widows made a demand to share both land and compensation money but Mr. Bonefence Bikobo refused to the demand said he will not accept dividing both land and compensation money.

Therefore these widows and children help to protect their rights over this land and the compensation money.

Stimulate a Public Debate on How Local Governments Can Best Utilize Extractive Royalties in Buliisa District

IMG_0018[1]Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organization (BIRUDO) is implement a project aim to ‘Stimulate a Public Debate on How Local Governments Can Best Utilize Extractive Royalties in Buliisa District,’ with funding from Natural Resource Governance Institute (“NRGI”). On 14th October, 2015 BIRUDO held dialogue at Buliisa District targeted District leaderships comprise of district local council, standing committees, technical staff, security officials and CSOs representatives. The project aim at empowering the local communities and their leaders with knowledge and innovation that enable them promote best practices of transparent and accountability of managing royalties to the local government and information sharing.

BIRUDO Launch a New Project

IMG_0437On 28th September, 2015 BIRUDO launch a project aim to guarantee proper implementation of government programs and accountability, BIRUDO, under the auspices of Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance (GAPP) Project with funding from USAID and UKaid GAPP Program, is empowering Vulnerable Groups, Community Based Organizations and Local Communities with innovations for meaningful engagement with local governments to ensure proper implementation of government programs and accountability in Buliisa District.