Promotion of Land Rights and Access to Land Justice in the Oil Rich Buliisa District

Buliisa District Key Stakeholders and USAID SAFE TeamThe key stakeholders in Buliisa District and USAID SAFE Team attending project review meeting at Buliisa District Resource Centre. This meeting was to share end of project evaluation report with key stakeholders and get feedback and inputs from key stakeholders from a one (1) year project from 1st November, 2014 to 31st October, 2015. The project aim at contributing towards strengthening the capacity of the formal and informal land management and administration institutions in two (2) sub counties of Ngwedo and Kigwera, Buliisa District. This project was funded by USAID SAFE Program with fund from American People. The project focus on legal and land rights awareness, Capacity building  of Local Councils Courts, Area land committees, District Land Board and cultural leaders,  capacity building of Community Legal Volunteers (CLVs) on legal aspects of land and land rights as well Alternative Dispute Resolution. So as CLVs monitor land rights violations, conduct mediation, refer the clients, and act as focal point persons for BIRUDO and BIRUDO’s in house lawyer provide on spot legal advice and counseling. Mediation where necessary.